Cognos 10 Active Reports Manual

Cognos 10 Active Reports Manual - Cognos report Studio is a web-based application designed to allow users to easily create complex reports utilizing many different sources of data. The purpose of this training guide is to introduce you to Report. IBM Cognos Active Report The IBM COGNOS Active Report is a new type of report that was introduced in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1 that allows professio. Since Cognos Business Intelligence 10 a second flavour of reporting was added: Active Reports. Active reports provide very graphically formatted dashboards that host a lot of interactivity. The reports are pre-run, so when applying extra filters, no queries are needed since the data is already there. No connection to the server is needed as an Active Report is kept in a self-contained file.

"Hello All, I have a requirement for Cognos 10. Actually I need to create some of the reports in Cognos from BO reporting environment. The reports are tabbed reports.. I have created an active report which I would like to make available to the users via Cognos Connection and Ipad (IBM Cognos Mobile app) both and also would like to provide few links within active report to download report outputs. I believe, link will not work in Ipad. So, I would like to hide it in Ipad but want to show when a user opens it via Cognos Connection using PC.. Insight How to make an IBM Cognos 10.1.1 Business Insight Workspace of Active Report objects. Cognos Cognos TM1 Implementing Project Creating Dimensions Manual Part 7 of 27.

In IBM Cognos Analytics 11, scheduling reports is now call subscriptions. There are a number of different options to consume reports and if you want to email them you will need to have your Cognos BI administrator ensure that the email server is set up through IBM Cognos Configuration.. In Cognos 10.2.1 and earlier versions, the phrase that most accurately described a multi-page report was “wrestling match.” Long list reports would flow on for page after page until somewhere along the way you ran into that chart you knew you added but were starting to forget about.. The report specification, and active report .mht are attached for review (Cognos 10.2.0). The main challenge of dimensional package is how to get relative month number, as there is no MDX function that can calculate the difference between different periods..

Authoring replaces Cognos 10 Report Studio and Cognos Workspace Advanced, as it now has all of the capabilities of both combined. Generally, any user entitled to create or consume reports in Cognos BI is also entitled to create reports, dashboards and data modules in Cognos Analytics..